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Hey Whatsapp

Are you in search of Hey Whatsapp?If yes then you are at the right place,in this article we will elaborate Hey Whatsapp in detail.On internet there are lot of mods of whatsapp are available but most of the popular mod of whatsapp is Hey Whatsapp,it has all the features of official whatsapp but Hey Whatsapp also provide a lot of customization,privacy and security features to its users.Users of Hey Whatsapp can customoize the interface by applying different themes and by using different font styles,in this mod version users will be able to get over 3,300+ exclusive themes.Users of Hey Whatsapp can also download the status of their any contact without using a any third party application.

App NameHeyWhatsApp APK
File Size48 MB
Required Version4.4+
Last Updated1 day ago

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HeyWhatsApp APK

In Hey Whatsapp there are almost 75 launcher icons and users can change the default icon of the application.Anti-delete feature is a most attractive feature of Hey Whatsapp and due to this feature users can read the deleted messages of a sender.Hey Whatsapp also enhance the media sharing capacity,now users can send 100 MB audio and 50 MB video file.In Hey Whatsapp users can delete forwarded tag while they are forwarding someone’s photo,video or any document file.Double Tick Hidden,Blue Tick Hidden,Anti Ban,Upload status of 250 words,Share status more than 30 seconds to 7 minutes,Built-in App Lock are the features of Hey Whatsapp and now we will explain all these features one by one.

Inbuilt Features of Hey Whatsapp

  • Use more than one Account
  • Dnd Mode
  • Share large/various types of files
  • Schedule your message
  • Automatic reply
  • Hide typing/recording
  • Increase status limit
  • Hide active status
  • Built-in lock option
  • View deleted messages
  • Library of themes
  • Fabulous interface
  • Hide Double/blue tick
  • Anti-ban feature

Fabulous Interface:

The interface of any social media application makes it marvellous. If the interface is osm then users use it. The interface of Hey Whatsapp is so stunning and very easy to use.

Library of Themes:

Themes make the applications outstanding. There is a large variety of themes in Hey Whatsapp. Users can change themes according to their will. These libraries of themes fascinate people toward this application. I personally like this feature.

Share Large/various types of Files:

In Hey Whatsapp users share large files with high quality and users can share all the files of any type like jpg pdfs and many more. In the official version of whatsapp, you can only share small-size media files but now with the help of Hey Whatsapp you can easily share large files.

Increase Status Limit:

In official whatsapp users can only write 130 characters at the same time in their status but in Hey Whatsapp users can post 250 words in their status at the same time.

Schedule Your Messages:

In Hey Whatsapp users can schedule their messages. It means that when users set specific times and messages then at that time this message will be sent to contacts. This is a key feature for reminders and birthday wishes.

Hide Double/Blue Tick:

Double tick in Whatsapp shows that you have received the messages of sender but now in Hey Whatsapp users can hide the double tick then sender can not see that you have received the messages of sender. A blue tick in whatsapp shows that you have read the messages of the sender but users of Hey Whatsapp can also hide this feature. After hiding it then the sender will not get a blue tick and he can not see that we have read his messages. This is the main and most important feature of Hey Whatsapp. A large community of people are attracted to this application due to this feature.

Hide Active Status:

In Hey Whatsapp users can hide their active status. After hiding their active status other official whatsapp users will never know that you are online or offline. This is a crucial feature and the original version of whatsapp lacked this feature.

Hide Typing/recording:

In official whatsapp, you can not hide typing and recording. But now in Hey Whatsapp you can hide typing status and recording status. This is the osm and spy feature of Hey Whatsapp.Then no one can see that you are typing or recording something.

View Deleted Messages:

In the official version of whatsapp users can not view deleted messages but in Hey Whatsapp you can view the messages easily. This is a key spy feature of Hey Whatsapp.

Automatic Reply:

This is a very important feature when you are busy and users want to stay connected with their contacts then this feature is amazing. Hey Whatsapp will automatically reply to incoming texts.

Use more than one Account:

In Hey Whatsapp users can use more than one account at the same time. Using an app clone you can run more than one whatsapp account at the same time.

Built-In Lock option:

In Hey Whatsapp users have a built-in lock option. This is very important to secure data. You can set a password, pin, or pattern lock to secure your personal data. This is essential in social media applications.

DND Mode:

DND means Do Not Disturb mode. People face a large number of disturbances while using the application but now in Hey Whatsapp there is a dnd mode. After you enable this mode then whatsapp notifications will be blocked and you face no disturbance.

Anti-Ban Feature:

Hey Whatsapp users don’t have to worry about the banning of their accounts.Users use this application freely without any problem. There is an anti-ban feature of Hey Whatsapp.This feature is outstanding in this application.


1:Can I download Hey Whatsapp from Playstore?

No,Hey Whatsapp is a mod version of whatsapp so it is not available on playstore,you have to download it from Google or you can also download Hey Whatsapp from our website.

2:How can I update my Hey Whatsapp Account?

It is so simple just visit our website,then you can download the latest version of Hey Whatsapp because we provide the latest version of Hey Whatsapp regularly to our users.

3:Is it safe to use Hey Whatsapp?

Yes,Hey Whatsapp is 100% safe and secure from all types of viruses so you can download and use Hey Whatsapp without worrying about your cell phone.

Wrapping Up

Hey Whatsapp is a most of the popular mod of whatsapp and it has all the features of official whatsapp but Hey Whatsapp also provide a lot of customization,privacy and security features to its users.In official whatsapp users face a lot of limitations and restrictions when they are using the features of whatsapp and it is so irritating for every user so if you are tired of its limitations and wants to download and use best mod of whatsapp then I suggest you to download and use Hey Whatsapp because personally i have used this mod version and believe me it is a best mod of official whatsapp.You can safely and free download Hey Whatsapp from our website and its downloading link is given on this page.

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