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YM Whatsapp

Whatsapp is a most popular social media application of this time and it has millions of users around all over the world and it has also a lot of mods available on internet but most of the famous mod of whatsapp of this time is YM Whatsapp and it is developed by Jesus Muyants.The most reason of its popularity is its unique features which are not available in any other previous mods.YM Whatsapp has a very clean and friendly user interface and it enhance the privacy and security features and this feature attracts a large community of users towards itself.It provide many Privacy features like hiding Last Seen,Hiding Status Seen,Hide Visible Status and many more to its users.

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Users of YM Whatsapp also share high quality images and can share Videos up to 100MB and can also share audio of more Mbs.Most unique feature of YM Whatsapp is its In-build Junk Cleaner.In YM Whatsapp users can see deleted status of their contacts and they can also read the deleted messages of their contacts anytime.Status downloader,Anti-Ban,Aeroplane Mode,pin unlimited chats and inbuilt lock feature and many more are the unique features of YM Whatsapp and now we will explain all the features of YM Whatsapp one by one.

YMWhatsApp APK


Clean Interface:

The interface of YM Whatsapp is very clean and decent. People are mostly attracted to this app with its clean-looking interface. YM Whatsapp is a very famous mode of whatsapp due to its interface.

Send Large Videos and Audio:

On the official whatsapp, we can share 16mbs videos and 10mbs audio but now on YM Whatsapp we can share 100mbs of audio and videos. This is a neutral and time-saving feature of YM Whatsapp.

Share High-quality Images:

In the official version of whatsapp if users send any images or videos their quality does not remain the same. But now in YM Whatsapp, you can share images with your contacts in high quality. This is the main feature of YM Whatsapp because a lot of people share a large number of images.

Download Status:

Now you can download any status , be it audio or video. Users of YM Whatsapp can download it with just a single click. This is a very amazing feature of YM Whatsapp.

Conceal online Status:

In YM Whatsapp users can easily hide online status. It means that nobody can know whether you are online or offline. This is a spy feature of YM Whatsapp.

Hide Last seen:

Users of YM Whatsapp can hide the last seen and the member in your contact list will never know when was the last time you were active. This is amazing for introverts who don’t like to talk to anyone.

Hide Status Seen:

In the original version of whatsapp if you have seen someone’s status then they can view you in the status view list. But now in YM Whatsapp, you can hide that view in the status view list. Doesn’t matter if you have seen their status or not.

Pin Unlimited Chats:

In the official whatsapp, you can pin only limited chats but now in YM Whatsapp, you can pin unlimited chats.

Receive Your own Message:

Many people save passwords of their important data to text documents on their phones. But now on YM Whatsapp, you can send a chat to yourself. So that you can save data by sending a chat to yourself.

Read Deleted Messages:

In the official version of whatsapp users can not read deleted messages. But in YM Whatsapp you can read the deleted message. And the deleter can not know that you have read that message.

Junk Cleaner Available:

YM Whatsapp takes a large amount of data from internal storage in phones but we can clear this data easily with the help of junk cleaner present in our YM Whatsapp. This is a prominent feature that I like the most.

Nobody Calls You:

There are many people who use social media applications not in the traditional way. Likewise, most people use YM Whatsapp for a different purpose which is why there is an option to disable calls. With the help of this feature, nobody can disturb you through a call. This is a very osm and cool feature of YM Whatsapp.

Aeroplane Mode:

YM Whatsapp is a very advanced mode of whatsapp. There is an aeroplane mode feature which makes you disconnected from the internet. This feature helps you stay away from YM Whatsapp notifications. This is an updated feature of YM Whatsapp.

Anti-ban Feature:

There is a large number of social media applications that users’ accounts are at risk of banning. But YM Whatsapp is a fully anti-ban application. So without any worry, you can use it and enjoy its outstanding features.

Lock Application:

People want to secure their data. In YM Whatsapp you can lock the application with a password pin or pattern. So that only you will be able to get access to the app.

In-built feature of YM Whatsapp

  • Lock application
  • Hide status seen
  • Pin unlimited chats
  • Receive your own message
  • Clean interface
  • Read deleted messages
  • Hide last seen
  • Conceal online status
  • Anti-ban feature
  • Download status
  • Send large videos and audios
  • Aeroplane mode
  • Nobody calls you
  • Junk cleaner available
  • Share high-quality images


1:Is it safe to use this Mod Version?

Yes,YM Whatsapp is a safe version of official whatsapp and free from all types of malware and viruses so you can download and use YM Whatsapp without worrying about anything.

2:Do I have to pay some money in order to download and use YM Whatsapp?

No,YM Whatsapp is a free version and every user can free download and enjoy all its features.

3:Does YM Whatsapp have an Anti-Ban Feature?

Yes,YM Whatsapp has an amazing anti-ban feature and due to this feature users can use their account without any worry.

Final Words

Most of the famous mod of whatsapp of this time is YM Whatsapp and it is developed by Jesus Muyants. YM Whatsapp has a very clean and friendly user interface and it enhance the privacy and security features and this feature attracts a large community of users towards itself.In official whatsapp users face a lot of restrictions and due to this mostly users are tired of this version and they want to use best mod of whatsapp and if you are also tired of using official version and wants to use best mod of whatsapp which have a lot of unique and extraordinary features then we suggest you to download and use YM Whatsapp. Personally I have used YM Whatsapp and believe me it is the best mod of official whatsapp and its all features are so useful for every user.You can safely and free download YM Whatsapp from our website and its downloading link is given on this page.

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