Top 5 Whatsapp Mods of 2023 (Anti-Ban) [Updated]

1.Gb whatsapp apk:

It is a very outstanding mode of whatsapp with awe-inspiring additional features.

Features of Gb whatsapp apk:

> There are various fabulous features in Gb whatsapp apk users can hide blue tick and single tick options.
> Users can send large files and share all types of files like pdf,docx, zip files, and many more.
> In Gb whatsapp apk users can conceal online status.
> one of the important features of Gb whatsapp is auto-reply. It attracts a large community of users.
> GB whatsapp users enjoy various emojis and an extensive collection of themes.

   Download GB Whatsapp

2.Yo whatsapp apk:

Yo whatsapp

Another version of whatsapp is Yo whatsapp apk. Its interface and stunning features make it a very interesting application.

Features of Yo whatsapp apk:

> people like to use anti-ban applications so yo whatsapp apk is one of them
> Users enjoy its conceal online status feature in yo Whatsapp apk.
> The customization of icons and fonts makes yo whatsapp more interesting.
> The Yo whatsapp users are facilitated so that they can read deleted messages.
> Users hide blue tick and single tick option in Yo whatsapp apk

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3.FM Whatsapp apk:

FM Whatsapp

The other name of FM Whatsapp apk is Fouad Whatsapp apk. It is a very popular version of whatsapp with various osm features.

Features of FM whatsapp apk:

> In FM whatsapp users can select specific contacts to call them.
> Like another version of whatsapp users can hide the blue tick and single tick features in the FM whatsapp apk.
> To avoid distraction users enable DND mode in the FM whatsapp apk.
> Status Download, sending large files, and reading deleted messages are important features of FM whatsapp apk.
> In FM WhatsApp users give priority to chats by pinning them.

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4.Whatsapp Areo apk:

Whatsapp Areo

The most well-known version of official whatsapp. It is not only famous because of its attractive interface but due to its outstanding features.

Features of Whatsapp Aero apk:

> There are various themes and customization of fonts are amazing features of Whatsapp Aero Apk.
> It is an anti-ban and various privacy features are available in whatsapp Aero apk.
> Reading deleted messages and concealing blue tick and single tick features are cool.
> users can download the status either in a photo or in a video.
> The interface of whatsapp aero apk makes it more attractive.

   Download Whatsapp Areo

5.Whatsapp Plus apk:

Whatsapp Plus

This version of whatsapp is very simple but has very stunning features. It is a very famous version of whatsapp.

Features of Whatsapp Plus apk:

> In whatsapp plus users send videos and photos to their friends without degradation of resolution.
> To avoid distraction from work users can enable special DND mode.
> In whatsapp plus apk users can customize widgets, fonts, and themes.
> You can send large files and can download status in whatsapp plus apk
> Its users can hide the blue tick and single tick feature in whatsapp plus apk.

   Download Whatsapp Plus

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