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Whatsapp Gold

Are you in search of a unique mod of whatsapp?If yes then you are at the right place.We will explain you a latest and unique version of whatsapp named as Whatsapp Gold.Whatsapp Gold is a trusted and modified mod of original whatsapp which is developed by Altornedo7, also named Nasser.This version of whatsapp offers its users a lot of privacy and security features which attract the large community of users.This mod version offers its users interface full of golden themes that’s why its name is Whatsapp Gold.Personally i had like to use only original version of whatsapp but honestly after using this amazing and advance version i prefer to use Gold  Whatsapp because it has not only all the features of original whatsapp also other extraordinary features are available which are not present in original version. 

Whatsapp Gold APK

App NameWhatsApp Gold
File Size60 MB
Android4.4 and up
Last Update 1 day ago

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Whatsapp Gold has a eye catching interface because developers of this mod version set it to a gold theme and it looks very bright at first glance.Users can also fix the icon of whatsapp and this mod version allow its users to use any image for further customization of application.Users of Whatsapp Gold can lock the application as well as they can also lock the any specific chat to secure their data.Now we will discuss all the features of Whatsapp Gold in details.

Whatsapp Gold


Highly Customizable

Some Smart and Unique Features of Whatsapp Gold

Feature Original Whatsapp and Whatsapp Gold.

Feature Original Whatsapp Gold Whatsapp
Amazing Dnd Mode Not Available Available
Auto Reply Feature Not Available Available
Anti Delete Message Not Available Available
Hide Last Seen Not Available Available
Lock a Specific Chat Not Available Available
Images or Videos Sharing Limit Only 30 images at once Share 90 images at once
Audio and Video File Size Only upto 16MB upto 1GB
Video Status Limit Only 30 Seconds 5 minutes
Maximum Group Capacity 256 members 600 members
Removed Forwarded Messages Tag Not Available Available
Status Characters Limit Only 50 Characters 255 Characters
File Size Limit 100 MB No Limit

Golden User Interface:

Whatsapp Gold has an amazing golden user interface and it attracts a large community of users.This gold theme looks very bright at first glance.Its user interface is so friendly and easy to understand that’s why every user can easily understand and use this application.

Customization Options:

Users of Whatsapp Gold have a customization option to customize the image of all WhatsApp Gold screens and application.Users can create their own icon for each group.Users can also create the special font and use them in whole application.When you use Whatsapp Gold you can also change the icon of application and it allow its users to use any personal image for further customization of application.

A lot of Wallpapers And Themes:

This mod version of whatsapp provides its users a lot of themes and design-led unique wallpapers.In this application there are more than 4000 different themes available for users and they can use any theme any time.To enhance the viewing aesthetic users can use any particular chat box background.

Enhance the Media Sharing:

In official version of whatsapp users can share limited pictures,videos and other files but when you use this mod version you can enhance the media sharing which means that you can select and send 90 images at once but in official version they can send only 30 images at once.In this version users can share audio and video file size upto 1GB but in official version they can send only upto 16MB.

Longer Status:

When users use the official version of whatsapp they can upload status of only 30 seconds and if they want to upload status more than 30 seconds then they have to upload it into different parts but when they use this mod version they can upload status of 5 minutes without separating it into different parts.

Privacy And Security Features

Hide Double Tick And Blue Tick:

When we send a message to our contacts and if two grey marks turn into blue ticks it means that the recipient have read the messages.But sometime we want that the sender does not see that we have read its messages or seen them so for this purpose we can enable this feature and after enable this feature sender can not see that we have read its messages or seen it.

Hide Online Status:

In this mod version users can hide their online status which means that no one can see that you are online or not.Because sometimes we want that no one can see that we are using whatsapp so by enabling this feature we can hide our online status.

Built-in Chat & App Lock:

Whatsapp Gold provide its users a lot of privacy and security features and to secure our chats we can lock the whole application then nobody can access this application without our permission.Mostly we want to hide our chats from other peoples and this mod version provide us an amazing privacy feature that we can lock the specific chat.

Anti Delete Messages:

Whatsapp Gold has a unique anti delete messages feature.In official version of whatsapp sometime sender deletes a message and we have worried that what he deleted but when we use this mod version we don’t have to worry about this that what the sender deletes because due to this feature we can read the deleted messages.

Auto Reply Feature:

One of the best inbuilt feature of Gold Whatsapp is its auto reply feature.Sometime we are so busy and forget to wish our loving ones on time but due to this feature we can schedule the messages we have to just select time and date and the particular contact and after this our message is automatically send to the particular person on time.

DND Mode:

All the features of Whatsapp Gold are so attractive but most of them is its DND(Do Not Disturb) mode.Sometime when we wants that no one send us a message so for this purpose we can enable this feature and after enable this feature no one can send us a message.


1:Is it safe to use Whatsapp Gold on my Android?

Yes,Whatsapp Gold is 100% secure from all types of viruses and users can use this application without worrying about the security of their account.

2:Do we have to pay something in order to download and use Whatsapp Gold?

No,Whatsapp Gold is completely free of cost for all users.They can freely download,use and enjoy all its luxury features without paying a single penny.

3:How can I update my Whatsapp Gold account?

Gold Whatsapp has an inbuilt feature of auto update which means that your account is automatically updated when your cell phone is connected with the internet but after this if you face any difficulty then you can visit our website and update your account easily.

Final Words

Personally I have use a lot of whatsapp mods and also a original version of whatsapp but honestly Gold Whatsapp is a different and amazing mod of whatsapp.Its user interface security options and all inbuilt features attracts a large community of users.If you are in search of unique and secure mod of Gbwhatsapp then we suggest you to download and use Whatsapp Gold.You enjoy all its luxury features.You can easily and safely download this mod version from our website and the downloading link is given on this page.

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