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Whatsapp MA

Are you in search of the best mod of whatsapp?If yes then you are at the right place because in this article we will explain you the best mod of whatsapp which is known as Whatsapp MA.On internet there are lot of mods of whatsapp are available but Whatsapp MA is a best alternative of official whatsapp and it becoming famous day by day because of its extraordinary features and unique features.These unique features are not available in official version of whatsapp.This mod version provide a lot of privacy and security features and also a customization option to its users.User interface of Whatsapp MA is so friendly and easy to use and users have also a option to customize this user interface.

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To make the whole look of Whatsapp MA more attractive and unique,users can also use custom themes,different fonts and style.Users of Whatsapp MA have a great Message Scheduler feature.Mostly users want to use the application in dark mode but few applications supports the dark mode and Whatsapp MA also supports the dark mode and its users can use this application in dark mode and can present relaxation to their eyes at night time.Whatsapp MA have hiding blue tick,second tick,typing and recording status,anti ban feature,DND mode,Status downloader,inbuilt app and chat lock and many more features and now we will elaborate all these features one by one.

Feature of whatsapp MA

Fabolous User Interface:

The user interface whatsapp MA is mind blowing. Users feel very excited with the interface of whatsapp MA. This is an eye-catching feature of whatsapp MA and a large community of users like this application very much.

Theme library:

There are different themes in whatsapp MA. The users can make their conversion very attractive with the customization of fonts. This is an eye-catching feature of whatsapp MA.

Use the library of Emojis:

Emojis are a way to express emotions. People mostly use emojis while chatting on social media applications but on the internet there are many applications in which we have limited emojis but In whatsapp MA there is a large variety of emojis. Users have a huge number of emojis to express their emotions.

Hide Blue/double Tick:

Blue tick on whatsapp MA means that the receiver received the specific message. If a blue tick is shown on the specific message to the sender then the message has been seen. The developer of Whatsapp MA cracked this feature. Now you can hide blue ticks. When someone sends you a message then he will only get two black ticks and not the blue tick. Also users can disable double tick feature then sender will only get single tick so the sender will never know that you have seen his messages. This is an outstanding feature of whatsapp MA.

Hide Typing And Recording Status:

The best privacy feature of Whatsapp MA is that users can also hide their typing and recording status.In someone chat when we type or record something then our typing and recording status is shown to that particular contact and then that contact get to know that we are typing or recording something but in Whatsapp MA we can hide our typing and recording status then no one can see that we are typing or recording something.

View Deleted Message:

In the original version of whatsapp users can not view the deleted messages but in whatsapp MA users can easily view the deleted messages. This is outstanding because it is time-saving and official whatsapp users only view deleted messages with secondary applications.

Freeze Last Seen:

Now Users of whatsapp MA can hide their last seen. If users hide last seen then other users will never know when was the last time you were online. This is the feature that I personally like the most.

Share High Resolution Photos:

In whatsapp MA users share images in high resolution. This is outstanding because in official whatsapp this feature is not available. In whatsapp MA you send the pictures to your contacts and its resolutions remain the same and high resolution of images make this application very outstanding.

Download status:

In the official version of whatsapp users need a secondary application to download the status of their contacts but in whatsapp MA you don’t need a secondary application to download status. You can download status within whatsapp MA. Users can download the status with just a single click. This is an amazing and time saving feature of whatsapp MA.

Lock the Application:

In whatsapp MA users can easily lock the application. This is very osm because the data of users is safe by using this feature. The users can lock the application with a custom pin or pattern.

Lock Specific Chats:

People nowadays like to use applications that are extremely secure. People have personal data and chats. whatsapp MA is the best application for those people who like to secure apps because whatsapp MA is safe and users can lock any chats with a custom pin or pattern. This is amazing because all of us don’t want that everyone can access our personal chats or data. Users of whatsapp MA can lock or hide their chats and then they can view these chats with a pin or pattern. This dazzling feature is not available in the original version of whatsapp.

Anti Ban Feature:

Mostly users does not download any mod version because they thinkl that their account may banned after sometime but Whatsapp MA have ended this problem and provide a amazing anti ban feature to its users and due to this feature users account can never banned and this feature makes sure that users account will works properly all the time.

Mind blowing DND Mode:

DND is don’t disturb mode. When users enable this mode then other notifications will be blocked. When users enable these notifications then only whatsapp MA notifications will be received. This is a time saving trick and many of the users like this feature of whatsapp MA.

Mind Blowing Dark Mode:

Dark mode in any social media application increases its charm. People in this age like to use applications in dark mode. There are very limited applications in which there is dark mode available in them. whatsapp MA is a stunning application in which users can use dark mode. This mode makes the interface of whatsapp MA stunning. I personally use this application in dark mode.


1:Is it safe to use this Mod Version?

Yes,Whatsapp MA is completely safe and secure because it is free from all types of viruses and malware.So it can never affect your cell phone.

2:Is Whatsapp MA a Paid Version?

No,Whatsapp MA is a free version of official whatsapp and everyone can free download and use this mod version.

3:Does Whatsapp MA have an Anti Ban Feature?

Yes,Whatsapp MA has a great anti-ban feature and this feature makes sure that users’ accounts will never be banned.

Final Words

On internet there are lot of mods of whatsapp are available but Whatsapp MA is a best alternative of official whatsapp and it is becoming famous day by day because of its extraordinary features and unique features.In official version of there are lot of restrictions in using a features but Whatsapp MA broke these restrictions and users can enjoy all the astonishing features of this mod version without paying a single penny.So due to these attractive features,mostly users of other mods have shifted towards Whatsapp MA and if you also want to use the best mod of whatsapp then we suggest you to download and use Whatsapp MA.You can safely and free download Whatsapp MA from our website and its downloading link is given on this page.

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